Please Come Around Here (LlewDellyn 1.2)

Performative enlightenment is not enlightenment.

A self-aggrandized mitzvah is no mitzvah.

A public soliloquy of wokeness remains sleeping.

On this podcast, Jim gave me several gifts…certainly the gift of friendship is first and foremost.  But also, a safe space in which I could explore my idiosyncrasies and inconsistencies.  And finally, insight.

Through the course of recording this podcast I grew.  Perhaps just a little bit, but a significant little bit nonetheless.

As I reviewed the conversation for editing and polishing, I grew again.  A little bit more.

I emerged a bit further from my slumber and inched forward on my path toward enlightenment.  And whether or not Jim realized it (…and the fact that he likely didn’t realize it allows me to state the following with full confidence…) he performed a mitzvah.

He’s a good boy.  A great friend.

Have a listen, will you?


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