You’ve Come for a Post…

…but today there is none.

Well, perhaps you might consider this that, as it has been posted and read.

But the truth of the words spilled here on your screen is I’m sharing them just before bed.

Inside I feel an obligation to provide a thing as promised, but additionally I realize that if I only do this for approval, validation, and ego, then what is it but lies.

And yet, here I am.  And here you are.

So yes, this is for me.

But also, it’s yours.




3 thoughts on “You’ve Come for a Post…”

  1. Truly the only disappointment is that you didn’t have the energy to put this in iambic pentameter or a haiku.

    1. Alas, I was a lazy host for yinz.
      And for that I must plead both guilt and shame.
      For as your dissapointment hath no scorn,
      It still pokes sharply on my own self blame.

      So please accept this humble poem, Ralph.
      With extra N upon the Wiggum there.
      For though I know not who you are, in fact.
      I know you know I know you know you’re fair.

    2. As for Will Shakespeare’s
      iambic pentameter
      I say, “Fuck you, sir!”

      I see no reason
      to enforce arbitrary
      constraints on one’s words

      “Then why,” you may ask,
      “Are you creating Haiku?”
      Again, “Fuck you, sir!”

      “You’re avoiding, sir.
      Life is not competition.”
      But still I must win.

      I must be clever,
      make it seem so damn easy,
      no skin off my back.

      But deep down inside,
      In cardiac crevices,
      I see my bullshit.

      I fear that which is
      so indeed, fuck me.

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