Tom Prigg for Congress, PA-12 in 2018 (pt 2)

Last week, you heard (…or didn’t hear, but if you’re here and are about to hear this, please go back to the first post, which is here but also on Libsyn and iTunes, but now, like right now, here, like right here, is the continuation of…) my conversations with Tom Prigg.  As you remember, or perhaps that last sentence caused you to forget everything, Tom has tossed his impressive hat into the ring to contest Keith Rothfus’ (Pennsylvania’s 12th district) seat in the House of Representatives.  I’m not a Rothfus fan, though I am his constituent.  I’ll do more than just a little bit to ensure that Tom is my representative next Winter.

Here is Tom’s website.

Driven2Drink is proud to re-assert the first unofficial endorsement of Tom Prigg for Congress in 2018.  (That and two dollars will STILL get you a coffee at McDonald’s with a little extra to put in the Ronald McDonald House fundraising bin.)

Please listen.  Please visit Tom’s website.  Please consider, particularly if you live in PA-12 and are not satisfied with the representation of Keith Rothfus, supporting Tom in any way you’re comfortable (e.g. donate, volunteer, post something positive to social media, share this podcast with a friend or family member on the fence).

We present to you, “Tom Prigg for Congress, PA-12 in 2018 (pt 2).”


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