Rain Delays and Sun Rays Always Flip My Frown (Fireside Chat 1)

This podcast might be the pure encapsulation of how much I adore my wife and, when I unpack my suitcases and have a few angst-depleted breaths to simply exist, my life.

Sitting outside with Jen as the sun finds it’s daily nest at the Western horizon, a small but substantial fire crackling between us, the dog relaxed, wine and spirits, old-school soul and R&B playing on a Bluetooth speaker, the temperature purt’ near perfect.

Then…the skies erupt in sheets of unrelenting rain.

Jen works extra hard, my one-person grounds crew, to ensure Penelope and the rest of the recording equipment stay dry and safe…even as her glass of oak-aged Spanish red fills with rainwater, her clothes clinging to her now shivering body wet from the deluge. (Feels like this is going in a certain direction.  It’s not.)

And finally…we have a conversation, albeit brief, in which I come to love her even more than I had just seconds previously. (I dunno, maybe it actually did.)

Come for the company, linger for a laugh, but stay for the music.

Alliteration be damned.

We present to you, “Rain Delays and Sun Rays Always Flip My Frown (Fireside Chat 1).”


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