The Calm Before the Poop Emoji Storm (Del Norris 4.3)

Today, D2Dreeps, there be layers.

Every aspect of today’s podcast has been deliberately chosen and placed.

Perhaps you give a poop emoji.

Perhaps you have no additional poop emojis to give.  I’ve run out of them at least every day this month.

Every single goddam day.

But lo and behold there are always additional poop emojis in the recesses of my limitless neurological supply of anxiety and self-doubt.

In either case, the podcast is quite purposeful today, particularly as you prepare for next week’s show, the poop emoji storm.

But for today, we give you, “The Calm Before the Poop Emoji Storm (Del Norris 4.3).”*

*Hey, you need only click on the linked title there and you will be magically redirected to the libsyn site where you can stream or download.**

**Or if you’re doing the iTunes thing, just go get it there.***

***If you only do Audible or some shit like that, I’m not sure what to tell you.  Sorry.****

****Thanks, though.

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