What Would I Do Without Social Media? (Politics)

Please note that these are all my opinions.  I understand and accept the implicit “I believe…” that precedes every phrase below.   Please also know that I am open for dialogue.  It doesn’t always seem this way, particularly when I’m feeling passionate…and there are precious few moments in which I’m not feeling passionate, but I strive to be both a teacher and a student at all times.  I aspire to the Bodhisattva vow, which is an intention found in all spiritual endeavors.  Namely, my drive is ever toward enlightenment (e.g. wokeness, liberation, communion with the holy spirit, an understanding of ultimate Truth) but with the desire that all sentient beings also achieve enlightenment.  Those further on the path shine a light for me and I, in turn, share the light for those with or behind me.  Though even that directionality is an illusion, because so often people younger or seemingly less-sophisticated or enlightened than me illuminate insights that allow me to inch forward on the path toward liberation.

Anyway, all of this is both mine and is offered in the spirit of awakening.


Donald Trump isn’t ruining everything.

He’s admitting and exposing everything.

Donald Trump isn’t running anything.

It’s not about Trump.

Nothing…is about one insecure, emotionally stunted, entitled wealthy man.

It’s about everything that is now obvious AND (finally) uncomfortable for a large enough group of white people to “matter.”

It has always mattered to black people, native populations, people of color, and so many intersectionally impacted “others.”

Again, Donald Trump isn’t ruining everything.

He is only ruining it for the tens of millions of white people, including me, who had been skating along, performing progressivism but participating in and benefitting from a pervasive cult of capitalism that can only, by design and in practice, commodify, enslave, and otherwise dehumanize people with less historical and/or systemic power.


Any person holds precisely zero moral or ethical authority if he owned human beings.


Our ethics, as a philosophical species, have always found ways to incorporate, accept, and justify slavery, genocide, state-sanctioned violence, oppression, and war…even though those endeavors are clearly unethical.


Fully understanding I’m making a prediction based upon my understanding of history and experiences with a sample, and just as likely not a representative sample of Trump supporters, I’m convinced they (…meaning current Trumpeters.  People who are STILL on the Trump train, so to speak…) would either:

  1. Participate in,
  2. Offer monetary and/or non-participatory support of, or
  3. Stand by complicity…

…during a contemporary ethnic cleansing/holocaust incident.


I’m also convinced that such an event will not happen in the United States because of the strength, maturity, and leadership within the targeted communities of such violence.  But also, those of us who have “skated along,” as indicated above, must find our conviction of deeper moral foundations…and then stride through the world guided by actual human ethics detached from the capitalistic, classist, racist, sexist systems that strongly influence group and individual behavior.


Thanks for your time!


A quick note on this picture.  It’s an entirely unaltered shot taken with my phone.  Really.  No photoshop, no filters, no editing beyond reshaping the larger shot so that the sign was well centered.

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