This Experiment is Over

In November, 2014, my wife surprised me with three years of a web domain and host platform.  I’d been talking for years about blogging and podcasting and either I was so severely on her nerves that she relinquished money she didn’t really have to shut me up, or, as she indicated and continues to communicate even though I can Humpty dance on a last nerve, she loves me so much and wanted me to have the opportunity to explore self-publishing.

I promised her that I’d figure out a way to monetize the endeavor, find a consistent stream of revenue that would allow us some breathing room or debt relief.  And it made a few bucks over the past three years.

Literally, a few bucks.

(You can laugh.)

That’s not entirely true.  There is one special benefactor.  Aunt Penny gifted us an amazing recording equipment upgrade and the ability to get the Libsyn account to better host the podcast.

Across these nearly 36 months, I’ve gained countless insights.

Insight, which bolsters enlightenment, is invaluable.

I processed the events leading up to and continuing past the election of Donald J. Trump as the forty-fifth President of the United States of America.*

*If you’re about my age…say 40 – 50…and you’ve moved through every iteration of Trump back to his NYC slum-lord days, his Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous ascent, the Howard Stern call-ins, and eventually the Apprentice…you might still be recovering from the whiplash of shaking your damn head.  Hell, if this gave you a new concussion, I’m sorry.  Really.  Late trigger warning and whatnot.

I hosted the Driven2Drink podcast here until just a few weeks back and I loved every minute of it.  And over on the Libsyn site we’ll continue to podcast.

But…I just got the notice from this site’s host that the rent is soon due, and I had a decision to make.

Continue forward with this, or let it do what it seems destined to do.


That’s not me being dramatically fatalist, either.  I’ve had an idea to create an inclusion forum which would require a new domain, site, host, etc.

This might be the time.

Of course, I could attempt to maintain Driven2Drink and also the new platform.  But that just doesn’t seem to be in the cards right now.  We’ve had a precious few loyal readers, who are appreciated entirely…but a few is no reason to continue forward when continuing forward is unfeasible.

I’ve considered fund-raising, but that, to me (…honest to universe, I judge nobody else in this respect…) doesn’t feel right.  There are so many people (…hell, all of Puerto Rico at this very moment…) who need almost everything.  Me?  I’m a guy who has everything.  Really.  I’m in fantastic health.  I have a roof and a reliable means of transportation.  My wife is the most perfect life partner on this planet and my step-daughter is a shining light in this world.  I’m a much better human having met her.  Them.  I’ve a tight family unit, plenty of friends, an amazing professional gig that fulfills me and provides a living, and so much love that my heart can barely contain it.  So yeah…no kickstarter here.

I wrote and emoted and will continue to write and fight…but this experiment is over.

The podcast?  Still good to go.

An upcoming endeavor that explores philosophical, practical, and narrative applications of inclusion as a value system?

Universe willing.

So, thanks for hanging out.  I’ll keep things up and running through October, but after Halloween…no more treats.  (Or, for some of you regarding perhaps many of my soapboxes, tricks.)

May you acheive peace, love, and clarity.



3 thoughts on “This Experiment is Over”

    1. Sure has.

      As have you.

      I’ll try to communicate the new venture if you end up interested in that…will likely be less diverse in terms of me (here) simply spilling my brain out for the world to see but still fully me.

      Also, the podcast has become quite good this year and that’s over at iTunes and on the Libsyn site.

      I know you don’t want to reveal your identity, but I like knowing that you’re lurking in the shadows.

      1. Ralph. I also will continue D2D as a Facebook group, so you can hang in the shadows over there as well, if you’re not already 😉

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