Who the hell is this guy, anyway?!

It’s a valid question, and one to which I have an entirely underwhelming, but heroically verbose response.  I’m Gregory Del Duca…a 40-year-old, self-employed, pediatric speech-language pathologist; a returned Peace Corps volunteer; a former AmeriCorps member; a founding educator of a charter school (…and also the first educator to leave said charter school, approximately nine months after said founding, tail between my legs and a deep, pervasive self-doubt looming just behind the optimistic pieces of my frontal cortex…); an a cappella acolyte, singer, and wannabe beat boxer; whisky (…or whiskey, depending on your heritage…) enthusiast and distillery tour guide; comedy and podcast geek; husband; step-father; only child; and guy who really loves to use ellipses, commas, and semi-colons, parenthetical phrases (…and allegedly alliteration…) to create outlandishly long sentences.


I really want to help make things better around me.  I want to bring joy and love and self-worth to the people with whom I interact.  I envision a world in which there is greater peace, deeper understanding, less-conditional regard, and more inclusion.  I think it’s possible…but I think it’s possible only through honest (…sometimes painfully, brutally honest…) dialogue and, when appropriate and necessary, reconciliation and responsibility-taking, through mindfulness, through contemplation, through looking thoroughly in the mirror before throwing barbs out of the window.  Through laughter, too.  Perhaps mostly that.

So…have a chuckle.

Or…as Richard Pryor famously told Eddie Murphy to tell William Cosby, “Tell Bill to have a coke and a smile and shut the fuck up.”


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