Thank you

It is impossible for me to completely express my appreciation for your decision to read, to listen, to share, and now to donate.

The process of writing essays has brought me seemingly unending joy, insight, and energy. I love doing this, and those of you who come back to read more make this process even more fulfilling. Recording podcasts has somehow brought Jen and I closer together, and thus our lives are even happier. Again, those of you who come back to eavesdrop on our conversations make this process even more affirming. (I know, I used fulfilling before and affirming this time, so the “again” is really unnecessary. Nonetheless, and again, knowing you’re there is both fulfilling and affirming.)

When Jen purchased this domain and the hosting support, she shoved me through the door of something I’ve talked about doing for years and she slammed the door. Reading back through reams of journals, letters, Facebook posts, and professional reports and correspondence…it’s clear where I wanted to go. The amount of time I’ve spent with podcasts given my decision to be a self-employed itinerant (i.e. consistently commuting) clinician has also foreshadowed where I wanted to go. Jen gave me my, “shit or get off the pot,” moment. Thanks to Jen, and thanks to each of you who has spend time on this site, I’ve been shitting ever since. (Hmm…probably should’ve let go of that analogy for the punchline.)

The time I’ve carved in my schedule to write isn’t nearly enough, several hours 3-4 times per week, but it has taken from my speech/language schedule nonetheless. Additionally, we’ve been recording our podcasts on my phone. It works, but it certainly isn’t ideal. Hell, it really isn’t even adequate. We need to get some proper entry-level recording and editing equipment and software. Recently, several friends and I got together to record a little parody ditty/jingle, and it turned out pretty okay. Point? I want to return to music as well and having a recorder that can do both music/ambient and also conversation/intimate is important. I know what that is. It’s a Zoom recorder. An H6.

So…why are you donating? I don’t really know, but I’m grateful. Really grateful. Only you know why you think it’s worth transferring a few bucks from your account to mine. From my perspective, you’re allowing me to write more and you’re allowing me to upgrade the recording equipment so that we can give you more spoken content and also musical content. Moving forward, and depending on how successful this thing becomes, there will be additional expenses and your funds will certainly help with those unforeseen costs.

Bottom line. Thank you. I will use your money to give you better, funnier, more heartfelt, amusing, thorough, insightful, entertaining content. I will do my best. I promise you.

I love you, too. You make me smile.


2 thoughts on “Thank you”

    1. Not sure how to express how much I, and we, appreciate and love you. Instead of posting a “first dollar” in the office, I feel compelled to keep a photo of you, and a photo of Michael as well. That our words and musings, as filthy-dirty as they sometimes stray, have provided joy and amusement is actually stunning to me. (It may seem a bit like false modesty, but it’s not. Jen gifted me this domain and site and gave me permission to express myself. This process has brought me constant insight, joy, and creative juice. Also, it’s somehow brought Jen and I closer together. If I ended up just doing this for me and us, I would have been perfectly happy. ) Thank you. You’re name will be carved or engraved on whatever piece of equipment we purchase first.

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